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모바일 EFT-POS(Smart-5000)

제품 특장점
  • LINUX Operating system
  • Multitasking and powerful operating system
  • Multi-application environment (Supporting Separated Applications and Library Components)
  • Disk file system support
  • C/C++ compiler linker support
  • Local and Remote Application download ( TMS )
  • Internet environment (PPP,TCP/IP support for e-mail, FTP, SCP, SSH, HTTPS Via SSL)
  • USB Slave
  • GSM/GPRS Modem available
  • CDMA/WCDMA Modem available
  • WiFi available
  • 900Mhz RFID Reader available
  • RF Card Reader ISO-14443 A&B, Mifare, NFC
  • Compact & Lowest Price among other equivalent level products Credit, Debit & Smart Card Handling capability in one
  • Easy Installing, leading design in its industry
  • SDK
항목 규격
CPU S3C6410 600MHz
Memory DDR3 Memory 2GB
Micro SD card supported.
Printer 2” In Line Thermal Up to 20 lines per second with
graphics capability
Real Time Clock: RTC-powered by backup battery
MSCR Track 1/2 or 2/3,
ISO 7810/ 7811/ 7812
IC Card Reader IC Card Support
1 Full-size card, 2 SAM Slots
EMV Compliant
Display TFT LCD 65,000 Color 320*240
Keypad 20 Key
3 x 4 alpha-numeric keypad and
8 function keys
Communications USB 2.0 OTG Supported
GSM/GPRS with 1 SIM Slot (Option)
Band Width (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
CDMA/WCDMA with 1 RUIM Slot (Option)
Band Width (450/800/1900MHz)
WiFi (Option)
RF Card Reader (Option): ISO-14443 Type A&B, Mifare, NFC
Operating Environment: 0 0C ~ 45 0C
Power 9.5V 2A DC Adapter // Rechargeable battery
Dimensions: 18.3 cm L x 8.9 cm W x 4.5 cm(max) H